Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Penny for Your Thoughts

It was almost exactly this time last year that I placed a phone call that would turn into quite possibly the most extraordinary thing I’ve done to date in my life. I don’t mean to say that what I did was extraordinary, but rather what transpired – the journey, events, and results of that phone call where extraordinary. I had just finished reading Three Cups of Tea One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace…One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson. Rather than go into a long explanation of that phone call and the immediate results of it, I’ll direct you here, the article in our local newspaper that pretty much sums it up. Come on now. Go read it. NOW. And then come back and finish reading this post…believe me, it will make much more sense if you do!

Ok, welcome back. Hopefully I didn’t sound like too much of a dork in that article that it scared you off. To tell you the truth, immediately after finding out that I had the “ok” to proceed with the drive I emailed the local paper thinking that maybe, if I was lucky, they might eventually contact me and run a little blurb. What ended up happening was that I received a phone call less than an hour later asking if they could interview me the very next day for an article. Wow, that was quick, and needless to say (as apparent in the article) I wasn’t all that prepared. What did I know? It was still just an idea at this point and I hadn’t really thought the whole thing through as to execution and such. I’m spontaneous like that!

To make a long story short…because believe me, this could be VERY long…the Pennies for Peace Drive on the Island ended up raising just shy of $15,000 for Greg Mortenson’s foundation! Yes, I too was amazed. Of course there were a few high roller checks and some $20’s thrown in, but in large part it came from thousands and thousands of pennies and other small coins being dropped in 5 gallon water jugs placed throughout the community. Like I said, I could write forever on this event because it truly did change my life, and I’m sure I’ll touch on aspects of it in other posts in the future, but…I don’t want to scare you off right away with the first post being too long. What I wanted to say though, was that it was this book, this completely out of character (for me) spur of the moment call, the man, Greg Mortenson, and the ensuing experience with the drive that finally made that old cliché ring true for me. person really can make a difference…no matter how large or small your effort is, the fact that you are making one is making a difference because…all the little things do add up. And that, right there, is why I’ve created this blog. To share with others the little changes I’ve made, or am trying to make, and also highlight others in the world making small and big changes as well. I hope you enjoy.


Isla Deb said...

What a wonderful story, Jill! It's proof positive that one person CAN make a difference! So now I have BOTH your blogs on my "Blogs I Read" list! Keep posting!

jen said...

this was the best book I read all year and in part has inspired me to make the move out of country later this year.

Sizzle said...

That is fantastic! One person CAN make a difference. I knew it. :-)